Claremont Road, Bristol

Client: Rhiannon & Daniel Williams

Site: Claremont Road, Bristol

Design Brief: 

Design to include the following elements: 

  • Extended terrace adjacent to the kitchen 
  • Large area for socialising/dining 
  • Outdoor kitchen 
  • Storage
  • Contemporary design
  • Low maintenance 
  • A more intimate, informal socialising area 
  • Herb beds 
  • A small lawn area

Design rationale 

This was a particularly interesting project, with the Garden being on a steep slope and completely overgrown, with the clients having concentrated all their efforts on renovating the interior of the house over a two-year period. 

This design was a really good opportunity to draw upon a large amount of intuition, with the clients providing me with a few verbal clues as to what they were looking for. Therefore, I needed to allow the interior design and the individual style and personalities of the clients to provide a large degree of inspiration for the design, taking clues from the style, colour, and lifestyle of the clients. 

I set about initially designing the extended terrace on the upper-level and then using this raised terrace to create hidden storage within it. I then aimed to create various outdoor-rooms, dividing the garden into separate, more intimate areas by using the various levels as the clients would descend to the bottom of the garden. These individual spaces would allow the clients to sit and enjoy the garden from different perspectives at different times of the day. The final area at the bottom of the garden I aimed to create a Morrocan style garden with built-in wooden sofas and a large fire-pit. 

Despite the lack of verbal clues provided by the clients, the initial comments made by the clients upon presentation of the design was: ‘It’s exactly what we had in mind!’