Victorian Terrace Garden, Bristol

Site: Victorian Terrace Garden, Bristol. 

Client: Kris Westerman

Design Brief:

‘This was the second project that I engaged in with Sheldon. The brief was to provide a solution for a rented property. Working closely with the on-site builder, Sheldon came up with a fantastic design which not only brought out the best in the properties highlights but also transformed a relatively large and undulating wasteland into a perfect, contemporary family garden. Sheldon’s eye for detail and relentless strive to please make this project a phenomenal success. Sheldon captures the imagination and pushes the boundaries like no other designer I have worked with.’ Kris Westerman

Design Rationale

Another paved garden with little character and a dangerous drop for any small children at the French door from the garden. As this was a rental property it was important to make it low maintenance and low budget, without compromising on style. The garden was turfed to make it a more family inviting space where any potential children would want to play. Due to the consideration of a family potentially renting the house the garden needed to be made safe. Planting boarders were introduced not only as a low-level maintenance option to planting but also to section off the garden from the hard standing area near the French doors which were at a slightly lower level, potential dangers for a young child. Rather than leveling off the whole site, adding to groundwork costs, creating this barrier was a cost-effective method in comparison. It also provides a further wealth of planting making the space have a natural and organic feel once the plants mature, rather than a sterile, regimented balustrade. The planting boxes were offset to each other and not regular sizes to break up the regular shape of the exterior space and make it slightly more interesting, drawing the eye to various areas. 


I updated the patio area near the house with much needed new paving, whilst the upper level was replaced by gravel. This lightened up space, eliminating the dark and dingy alley feel the side of the house had. The modern texture and colours of the gravel and the white planting boxes were offset by the timber fencing and the timber planting boxes to the back of the site. A modern style garden to fit with the house was important, however, not at the expensive of having a characterless and concrete garden. Therefore, care was taken to ensure natural materials punctuated the modern design. 

  • Client : Victorian Terrace Garden
  • Category : Garden Design
  • Date : 13th September 2018