Westbury Village, Bristol

Site:  Westbury-Village, Bristol

Client: Jaimie & Lidia Lloyd

Design Brief:
Design to include the following elements:

  • Separate areas for socialising
  • A large terrace area for dining
  • A variety of seating options
  • An area to allow for and obscure a large trampoline
  • Planting beds
  • Herb beds
  • A flat piece of lawn
  • Low maintenance
  • A smaller more intimate area away from the social area
  • fire-pit

Design Rationale

Once again I was presented with an outdoor space that didn’t match the interior of a clean, contemporary style of a modern family house. Space itself was a nice size and offered a relatively blank canvass and the brief itself allowed for plenty of room for creativity. My aim was to create and produce a garden that reflected the interior, aesthetically pleasing and worked well for this family.

In all of my designs, I aim to achieve a real connection between the indoors and outdoors spaces, essentially seeing the outdoor space as an outdoor-room and an extension of available living space. One way of helping to achieve this is to ensure that the threshold is at the same height as the indoor floor level. In this particular project, this was achieved by designing a hardwood-timber walkway/veranda immediately outside the bi-fold doors and that also connected 3 different elements of the garden.

The garden itself was essentially quite flat and what I wanted to do was introduce a series of geometric shapes and zones, adding height and depth in various parts of the garden to add interest. This was achieved by adding raised beds, a square raised timber terrace on top of the timber walkway and a sunken lounge.