Wick-St-Lawrence, Bristol

Client: David & Alison Faulkner

Site: Wick-St-Lawrence, Bristol

Design Brief:

Design to include the following elements:

  • Create something eye-catching & unique 
  • Usable terraced area for socialising 
  • Create a garden on one level
  • A flat piece of lawn
  • Low maintenance 
  • Both formal and informal/cottage style planting 

Design rationale 

This was a relatively small project and yet the existing garden not only failed to reflect the style and requirements of my clients but didn’t have any real place to socialise, entertain or simply dine outside. Due mostly to this, the clients didn’t really use the garden and certainly exploit it’s potential.

My intention was simply to create something that reflected the style and taste of my clients but also to create a space that would draw them outside and help maximise the space available. The result was something functional and aesthetic, a place that my clients enjoyed being in.

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