Winstones Road, Bristol

Site:  Winstones, Bristol

Client: Jane and Neil Parfrey. 

Design Brief:

 Design to include the following elements:

  • Large area for socialising
  • Specific large area terrace area
  • Raised beds
  • Herb beds
  • Bespoke shed/storage
  • A flat piece of lawn
  • Low maintenance
  • formal and informal/cottage style planting
  • A smaller more intimate area away from the social area with
  • fire-pit

Design Rationale

Taking every element into account from the brief, particularly as the garden had a clear delineation point (a step/slope dividing the garden into a third and two thirds) I wanted to create two distinct areas, a large mostly hard-landscaped, rectilinear geometric-style area broken up with different materials and levels to create texture, contrast and added interest in the first third. The second two-thirds of the garden I wanted to create a very different more wild, curvilinear area, achieved by curving the deck and lawn.  The property was built in a mature woodland setting and I wanted to connect the garden to the wider landscape by disguising the fence with some clever planting and climbing shrubs and planting several trees and woodland type planting in the more wild, curvilinear area.

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