Alveston, Bristol

Client: Susan & Stephen Chanon

Site: Alveston, Bristol

Design Brief:

Design to include the following elements:

  • Large terraced area for socialising 
  • Resolve current issues with accessing and being able to work on the steep, sloping part of the garden 
  • Second smaller, more intimate terrace
  • Prominent/eye-catching water feature
  • Herb-vegetable beds
  • A flat piece of lawn
  • Low maintenance 
  • Both formal and informal/cottage style planting

Design rationale 

This particular project was rather unique and offered a challenging yet rewarding scope. The site was originally part of a disused quarry and therefore access was difficult and challenging and the owners had struggled to make sense of the space. My clients had invested substantial capital and time on the conversation and preservation of their property since acquiring it and had achieved a contemporary and modern space and feel to the property. My initial evaluation of the garden was that it simply didn’t reflect the standard of the interior and along with the brief, my intention was to create something modern, contemporary, aesthetic and functional, but essentially something that connected seamlessly with the interior.


  • Client : Alveston
  • Category : Garden Design
  • Date : 20th December 2017