Step 3 – Design Presentation

For some clients who either have a particularly large garden/open-space or wish to develop their garden in stages or are otherwise simply wanting a more basic & less detailed design, I can offer a concept design. Otherwise, I will offer a more detailed design.

I work collaboratively with my clients, listening to their needs, to ensure that the garden design brief is clear and is interpreted correctly. My aim is to reflect as closely as possible the style of the client’s home and taste so that there is a strong visual relationship between the inside and outside spaces.

The Presentation Plan is a 2D outline drawing, these drawings are presented to you to explain the proposed scheme combining all the aesthetic, practical considerations and other elements discussed at the consultation. The drawings are hand-drawn and coloured and fully detailed drawings bringing your new garden to life.

To help you visualise your new garden, hand-drawn 3D realisations and sketches can be included to help you really visualise how your new garden will be alternatively, 3D landscape models or views of your garden from different angles can be created using computer-aided-design. Designing on the computer is useful as it allows me to work closely and share files with other professionals such as architects, water feature specialist, and planners who may be involved in the project.