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8 Tips Master Gardeners Would Never Tell You

If you love growing fruits and veggies, you probably try to soak up all the gardening tips you can get. Master gardeners have their own secrets that the rest of…

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EPSOM SALT: 10 Brilliant Things it Can Do For Your Garden and Plants

Epsom salt is comprised of hydrated magnesium sulfate, a naturally occurring mineral first found in the well waters of Epsom, England. Epsom salt has a variety of home remedy applications – the two…

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Autumn Gardening Tips and Chores

Check these things off your to-do list soon so that an unexpected early hard frost or snowfall doesn’t catch you by surprise. Then, sit back and start dreaming about next…

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Front Garden Planting

There’s no limit to what you can grow in your front garden, but here is a selection of plants that will thrive in most situations. All have been chosen because…

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